A complete self-paced learning program

Each CE course covers one or more impairments of importance to underwriters in 20 to 30 pages. Following each subsection is a summary of Key Take-Away Points to reinforce the most important information. At the end of each course there is a self-exam that provides an opportunity for underwriters to test their grasp of the material. The answer key is detachable so that trainers can administer the exams and independently evaluate underwriter comprehension of the material.

Online testing

In 2013 we added an online testing feature, enabling students to take the course exam at the CE program website, and allowing education supervisors to track student scores. The teacher is able to use these metrics to assess each students comprehension of the course material.

Each course contains between 100 and 175 references from the latest medical literature

The depth of research that goes into each course is unmatchable by any other educational resources. There is no more effective way to provide your underwriters with a current and thorough grasp of the latest developments that impact medical underwriting.

Flexible delivery format

Courses are created in PDF format in order to make them compatible across platforms, and well suited to mobile use in tablets and e-book readers. Courses are also available in Word format to make it easy for trainers and medical directors to modify the content in any way they choose.

User-selected curriculum

Each year the companies participating in CE are polled as to the topics they want covered in the following year. This assures that courses are tailored to the needs of today's underwriters. View the current course curriculum here.

Guarantee of quality and consistency across courses

Each course is written by the same author, a leading expert in mortality and morbidity underwriting. This means that your underwriters can count on consistency of writing, formatting and overall quality. Courses are designed to be free of clinical minutiae to focus specifically on what underwriters need to know.